ChemAssist extends the functionality of eLabJournal specifically for chemistry laboratories who work with organic chemicals and organometallic molecules. ChemAssist introduces several features to our products, including a chemical registry, structural drawing, complex reaction drawing, fingerprinting/searching capabilities, and integration with SMILES.

ChemAssist is released as beta version and may contain bugs that create irregular behavior/glitches in the software or generate unexpected or incorrect results. By installing ChemAssist you confirm that you understand the use of this add-on may cause irregularities and that eLabNext cannot be held responsible for any damage that this may cause. During this phase we offer a free extended 1-year trial. Please contact us for more information on how to apply for the extended free trial. Note that ChemAssist is currently only available for customers with a Private Cloud or On-Premises installation. If you are a user our public cloud, please contact us to evaluate ChemAssist in our testing environments.

To use ChemAssist, go to the Marketplace and install the ChemAssist add-on. ChemAssist is requires Marvin JS (ChemAxxon) for its functionality. For correct functionality of ChemAssist, please install the Marvin JS add-on from the Marketplace

ChemAssist Configuration

Once ChemAssist has been installed you complete the add-on configuration in the Marketplace to enable or disable the following ChemAssist features: