To remove a sample from your inventory, you can archive a sample. Open the sample information sheet and click on Delete. Note that deleted samples are not deleted from the system but are transferred to the Sample Archive in accordance to GLP guidelines. In this way, empty tubes can simply be removed from the lab inventory while keeping the link to sample information in the digital lab notebook intact.

If your sample is part of a sample series, you can delete the sample in the same way, but you can also delete the sample in the sample series list. Open the sample series information sheet and click on the Delete icon.

In the appeared pop-up menu you can choose to delete the sample, but you also have to option to remove the sample from the sample series. In the latter case, the sample is not archived but is removed from the batch of samples.

You can also delete multiple samples at once by selecting the delete option from the Sample Actions drop-down menu. This option is present on the sample series information sheet, the Sample List, Inventory Browser and the Advanced Search.