The displayed Equipment List displays the following default columns: Name Equipment Type Status and Actions. To customize the data of the displayed equipment you can customize the Default View

In the appeared window, all available fields including the custom fields are available. Select a column in the left panel and use the arrows to move fields to Table Columns panel on the right-hand side. In this way, you can also remove standard columns and replace them by any of the custom fields.

In addition to selecting the fields that should be displayed in the Sample List by selecting them to the right-hand side panel, you change the following settings:

  •    Order of fields - change the order of the displayed columns in the table by moving fields up and down using the arrows
  •    Sort Column - set on which column data should be sorted by default in the Sample List

Once you have chosen your preferred displayed columns, click Apply or Apply and Save and the Equipment table will be displayed with the selected columns and chosen sorting order.