To add a field in which you can link data file or images, choose File Attachment from the Field type dropdown.

After saving the field, an Attach File button is created for linking file attachments to a sample. Note: you can attach more than one file to the same file attachment field.

The following field options are supported for file attachment fields:

  • Required field – makes data entry required prior to storing a sample
  • Validate input – set criteria for input when entering data in a field
  • Note field – field information for end user displayed in a tooltip balloon

Input Validation

Use Validate input to validate the file type prior to uploading the file. Users can limit attachments to PDF files, Image files, Microsoft Office documents, or set a custom file type to validate by entering the file's extension as a text value (Ex. .txt). Note: the custom file validation setting can support multiple files by separating the values with a comma (Ex. .txt, .png, .js).


To display a thumbnail of an uploaded image on the sample information sheet, mark the checkbox, "Display if contains images (jpg, gif and png) or plasmid files (gb)."