Each sample type starts with has 4 default fields: Sample Name, Description, Location, and Notes. You can customize the sample type with additional sample specification fields by clicking Add New Field. Specification fields can accept different kinds of input, such as textfields, numeric fields, date fields, choice fields and fields for linking samples or file attachments.

When adding a custom sample type, it contains 4 fields by default including the Sample Name, Description, Storage Location and a Notes field. If your lab has the Supplies module activated, then the Quantity field will also be available. You can further customize the sample type by adding specification fields to the sample type template. To add a custom specification field, click Add New Field. Note: if you created a sample type using one of the predefined templates in the system, you can customize it by removing or adding fields.

In the pop-up window, you can select the type of field you want to add to the sample type template. The following field types are supported:

Note that each of these custom fields supports additional input options that can be set when adding or editing the field.