You can migrate existing protocols or SOPs by importing them into the Procedures module. To do so, navigate to My Procedures and click Import Protocol to start the import.

Copy the text from your file and paste the entire protocol text into the import window. The default setting when importing a protocol is to conserve the formatting of the text (i.e. applied styling like bold, italic and underlined). In some cases,  however the protocol is formatted such that the protocol migration does not give the desired result. In that case, you can select the option clean import to import only text. During the import, text in separate paragraphs is added as different steps into the procedure.

Limitations of protocol migration

  • Images cannot be included during the migration and need to be added afterwards
  • Functions and variables are not migrated and need to be defined after migration

If the above-mentioned limitations affect your migration, you can also add a new protocol and copy the contents of the procedure step by step.