To mange the add-ons added to your system, navigate to add-ons the system admin panel. All add-ons available in your eLabJournal Private Cloud or On-Premises installation are listed here. For every add-on you can find the following information:

  • Name - Name of the add-on as displayed in the Marketplace
  • Description - Description of the add-on as displayed in the add-on details in the Marketplace
  • Author - The company or person that developed this add-on
  • Scope - The level on which the add-on can be installed (add-ons can be installed on either system, group or user level)
  • Version - The add-on version

In the list you can update, remove an add-on or change who has access to an add-on by restricting access to add-ons. Please note that you should proceed with caution when making any changes to existing add-ons as this might affect which add-ons are available in system for groups or users. In case of doubt of questions, please contact us


Add-ons can be added to system in two way:

  1. Manually added -  The add-on is manually installed and thereby added to the list of installed add-ons in the system
  2. Fetched from an external repository - The add-on is retrieved from an external add-on repository and added to the list of installed add-ons.