eLabJournal sends notifications to inform users about the following important events:

  • Signing and Countersigning – the witness receives a request to counter-sign an experiment, while the author receives a notification when the experiment has been approved or declined
  • Items running out of stock – a notification is sent to the owner when the number of aliquots or batches in a sample series runs below the threshold
  • System messages – system messages are sent to all users to notify them of important events such as major updates
  • Experiment comments – users who have been tagged in a experiment comment will receive a notification
  • Task management (requires installation of the Tasks add-on) – when a task is either created or reassigned to a different user, the assignee will receive a notification

When a notification is sent, it appears as a small message in the lower-right corner of the eLabJournal application. Note that if you install the eLabJournal Mobile App, you will also be able to receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

To view a history of all received notification, you can open your inbox from the toolbar by clicking the bell icon.

In the notifications inbox, you can select all messages to mark them as read or to delete them from your inbox. Note that only the 25 most recent notifications are displayed.