To extend the functionality of the ELN with Microsoft Office Products Word, Powerpoint or Excel, you can install the Office Online Server add-on from the Marketplace. Please note that the Office Online Server add-on is a paid add-on. In case the use of the Office Online Server add-on is not part of your current license plan, you click purchase add-on to contact us to upgrade your license plan or request a free trial. In case your organisation has a Private Cloud or On-Premises installation, please contact us for more information on how to get this add-on.

The use of this add-on requires a valid Microsoft License. If your organization has an on-premises Office Suite license with Software Assurance or an Office 365 ProPlus subscription, you are eligible to use this add-on without additional license fees to Microsoft. In case of doubt, please contact Microsoft.

Note that upon installation, only MS Excel active by default. To enable MS Word, MS PowerPoint, you can change the add-on configuration in the Marketplace. 

Once the add-on has been installed, you can create section in the ELN for MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or MS Word in the ELN. 

After creating the section you can either start by Upload an existing file or with a New File

After saving, the an image will be generated of the data and will be displayed in the ELN section.

Like for all files in eLabJournal, all versions of the Excel files are automatically kept in the file history, so you will have a full audit trail of all modifications. For organizations who wish to integrate the full offline version of Excel, PowerPoint or Word you can edit file using eLabWebEdit.