When multiple labs from the same organisation use eLABJournal, the system also offers tools for system administration on the organisation level via the Organisation Admin Panel. In the eLABJournal Cloud license, the organisation admin is an additional module that is provided to an by the organisation appointed  key-user. In eLABJournal Private Cloud and eLABJournal On-Premise, this module is part of the included Service Level Agreement. Once your organisation has an appointed an organisation admin, the organisation key-user can access the admin panel via Organisation Admin.

The organisation administrator has access to the following functionality:

  • Account Managementcentrally manage accounts within the organisation
  • Organisation Sharing Settings – Changes sharing settings for storage units, equipment, sample types and experiment templates to make them available for multiple labs in the organisation.
  • License ManagementManage licenses for groups within your organisation
  • License ReportingSystem License reporting
  • Data Recovery – Browse through the organisation archive to restore archived projects, studies and experiments.

Note that access to each of these functionalities is controlled by the system administrator.