To efficiently document which steps have been executed in an experiment, you can include a protocol or procedure in the ELN set-up in Procedures. To do so, add a section and choose Protocol Template.

In the next step a list of all procedures, either personal, shared or public, are accessible and can be selected from the list.

Click on the procedure template you want to execute to open it. If you selected a protocol that contains dynamic fields you can set them here to configure your protocol. Click on Insert Procedure Template to add it in the digital lab notebook.

After adding a procedure in the ELN, a link to the used procedure and versions is displayed in the footer.

After inserting a protocol from a template in the ELN, you can  to make changes to the procedure which only apply to the current experiment. You can Edit the added protocol to open the protocol in the text editor to make the required change or Restart procedure. Note that any made changes here do not result in any changes made in used protocol template. 

Restart Procedure Section 

In case you would like to change the variables in the procedure after inserting the procedure, you can restart the procedure.  To do so click Restart to in the menu of the action menu of the inserted procedure section. The in the ELN inserted procedure will be restarted procedure will be reopened to allow changing of the variables in the procedure.