After adding the section click on the edit icon in the section header to open a text editor. An intuitive text editor will open that allows you to enter free text and offers the following basic functionality:

Bold - make text bold

Italic - make text italic

Underline - give text an underline

Strikethrough - give text a strikethrough 

Subscript - make text subscript 

Superscript - make text superscript 

Remove Format - remove all format from a selected text

Note that the only supported way to cut, copy or paste in text sections is by using these buttons. 

Cut - move text from one place to another 

Copy - duplicated text 

Paste - past text that is copied or cut from another place  

Paste as plain text - past text that is copied or cut from another place without headers, url, or another format 

Paste from Word - past text with a word document format

Undo - undo an action

Redo - redo a undo action

Format - change paragraph format

Font - change font

Size - change font size 

Insert/Remove Numbered List - make or remove a list with numbers

Insert/Remove bulleted List - make or remove a list with bullet points 

Decrease Indent - move a paragraph to the right 

Increase Indent - move a paragraph to the left 

Align Left - align text to the left

Center - center text, there is an even gap on each side of every line text

Align Right - align text  to the right

Justify - text is spread out over the hole line with adjusted letter- and word spacing 

Link - make a link to an internet website 

Unlink - remove a link

Insert Experiment Link - insert a link to another experiment 

Table - make and insert a table 

Insert Horizontal Line - make a horizontal line

Insert Special Character - insert a special character 

Insert Image from your computer - insert an image from your computer. Note that other options to insert an image are not supported. 

Insert Formula - use the editor to create and insert your formula, to edit select the formula and click the Insert Formula button.

Text Colour - change the text colour 

Background Colour - change the background from a text or highlight a text

Find - search for a word

Replace - search for a word and replace that word with another word

Mendeley - Insert a Mendeley reference, this button is only visible if you have activated the Mendeley add-on in Marketplace