After adding a text section, click on the Edit icon in the section header to open the section in editing mode. An intuitive text editor allows you to enter free text and offers the following basic functionality:

Bold - make text bold

Italic - make text italic

Underline - give text an underline

Strikethrough - give text a strikethrough 

Subscript - make text subscript 

Superscript - make text superscript 

Remove Format - remove all formatting from the selected text

Note that the only supported way to cut, copy, or paste in text sections is by using these buttons. 

Cut - move text from one place to another 

Copy - duplicate text

Paste - paste text that is copied or cut from another place

Paste as Plain Text - paste text that is copied or cut from another place without headers, url, or other formatting 

Paste from Word - paste text using Word document format

Undo - undo an action

Redo - redo a undone action

Format - change paragraph format

Font - change font

Size - change font size 

Insert/Remove Numbered List - make or remove a list with numbers

Insert/Remove Bulleted List - make or remove a list with bullet points 

Decrease Indent - move a paragraph to the right 

Increase Indent - move a paragraph to the left 

Align Left - align text to the left

Center - center text, there is an even gap on each side of every line text

Align Right - align text to the right

Justify -spread text evenly across entire line with adjusted letter and word spacing 

Link - insert a link to a website

Unlink - remove a link

Insert Experiment Link - insert a link to another experiment

Table - insert a table

Insert Horizontal Line - insert a horizontal line

Insert Special Character - insert a special character 

Insert Image from Your Computer - insert an image from your computer (Note: other options to insert an image are not supported)

Insert Formula - create and insert a formula; to edit a formula, selected the field and click the Insert Formula button

Text Colour - change the text color 

Background Colour - change the background for a selected text or highlight a text

Find - search for a word

Replace - search for a word and replace it with another word

Mendeley - insert a Mendeley reference (Note: this button is only visible if you have activated the Mendeley add-on in Marketplace)