Versions of protocols or SOPs are automatically versioned in the eLabJournal. When creating or copying a protocol, the procedure is first stored as a draft. After finalizing the protocol, protocol version 1 is created. For every update of the procedure, a draft is created that becomes active after finalizing.

Only the most recent active version of a protocol is available as a template for experiments. In case of a required modification of an SOP, the latest active version of the procedure remains active and thus updating a procedure does not influence access to the latest procedure for experiments. A history of all protocol versions are automatically kept in the history.

Click on the protocol history icon in the protocol list to view the version history. You can see the changes in the procedures by comparing two versions of the protocol and you have the option to then restore an earlier protocol version. Click on Restore this version to replace the current version by another version.

Note that recovering a previous protocol version is regarded as creating a new version and the version number is adjusted accordingly.