To enter free text in your experiment, choose a Text paragraph type

After adding the section click on the edit icon in the section header to open a text editor. An intuitive text editor will open that allows you to enter free text and offers the following basic functionality (find a more detailed description of all functionalities of the text editor here)

  • Text formatting -  bold, italic, underline, superscript and subscript
  • Text import - import from Word either with or without mark-up
  • Text Styling - font type, size and color of text
  • Lists - ordered and unordered list
  • Alignment - text alignment left, right, center or justified
  • Links - link other experiments or external sources
  • Images - upload images and include them in text section. Please note that images saved in images sections can not be downloaded separately and may have lower resolution.
  • Symbols -  symbols, special characters and Greek letters in lower case and uppercase
  • Mendeley Reference Manager - Insert a link to Mendeley Reference Manager (only available if activated)

Enter the text and click on the Save button to store the information in the ELN. A new version of the data will be stored and the date and time in the section footer will automatically be updated.

To prevent data to be overwritten, sections are locked for editing by other users. When a user opens a section that is being edited by another user, the user receives a notification

Auto-save and Data recovery

While editing a data in a text section, the content of a text section is automatically saved every 3 minutes. In case you did not save the data in a text section before leaving your experiment, you are able to recover any unsaved changes. When editing a section with unsaved changes, you have the option to restore unsaved changes.


Click OK to open the unsaved changes in the text section. In case you want to cancel the recovery of unsaved changes, you can restore a previous version


Due to the data integrity and protection rules we have in place to protect the intellectual property of our clients we are not allowed nor willing to analyse the data of our clients. Unfortunately this also means that certain features which might be beneficial for our clients cannot be developed by us or installed. This includes auto correction as we would need to store and analyse the entries and data inputs of our clients and analyse them as google does it with search entries. Simply put, we would look at what people are typing and even though we could try to analyse this anonymously, it would be theoretical possible to allocate users and entries which will result in issues with several data protections laws.