Sample series creation follows the same steps as adding an individual sample; in the pop-up window for adding a new sample, check the Create Series option.

Next, you can specify the following settings:

  • Number of samples – enter the number of samples (tubes) to create in the sample series
  • Incremental naming – includes an additional number behind each sample's name in the created sample series

For the incremental naming option, you can set the starting number (i.e. the number of first sample in the sample series) and the step size of the numbering (i.e the number that should be added to each subsequent sample). For example: when adding a sample series with a start number of 1 and a step size of 1, the created samples will be numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc., while a start number of 5 and a step size of 5 will be numbered 5,10,15,20,25, etc.

Click Proceed to enter the sample series information. All samples within the series will be assigned the information specified in the form. When the incremental numbering option is selected, the incremental number is displayed behind the sample name. Click Save and Close to create the sample series.

When adding series to a box, the series will be placed in consecutive open positions based on the designated starting position and the compartment's orientation setting.