To duplicate tubes or make aliquots of existing stock, you can clone samples. To clone a sample, open the sample information sheet and click on Clone.

In the appeared pop-up menu you define how many tubes you want to add of this sample. You can set the following clone settings:

  • Number of samples – the number of tubes or aliquots you want to add of the sample you are cloning (required)
  • Sample quantity – the quantity of search tube you are adding to the system (only available with the quantity and supplies module)
  • Storage location – the location (in a box the starting location) where the samples will be stored. 
  • Clone setting – choose to add tubes as single samples in the system or store it as a batch of grouped samples in a sample series
  • Track parent in cloned sample - creates a reference to the parent sample to track from which sample the clone sample is derived

After defining your clone setting, click on Clone to add the cloned samples to the system.

When choosing the clone as a series option, several series-specific options will become available:

  • Include the current sample in series – the sample you cloning will be included in the created sample series.
  • Sample series name – the name of the sample series (the name of the created samples will be identical to the sample you are cloning)
  • Incremental name – select this option to add an incremental number behind or in front of the name of each sample cloned to the sample series.

After cloning the samples, either as single samples or as a batch of samples in a sample series, the samples will be cloned into the selected location.

When cloning a sample, the option track parent in cloned sample is checked, the parent sample from which the cloned sample is derived is automatically tracked and displayed as an active link on the sample information sheet of the cloned sample.