To update the configuration of a sample type - including adding, moving or deleting custom specification fields - navigate to ConfigurationSample Types and click the Edit icon for the sample type that you want to update.

In the Sample Type form editor, you can change the sample type configuration by adding new custom fields or updating, moving and removing existing fields. You can also change the sample type's name and update its quantity settings.

Changing a sample type's configuration by adding or removing fields does not affect information stored in existing samples. In case a field is removed, the data in this field remains visible on the existing sample's information sheet. When a new field is added, it gets appended to the sample entry form. Note that the quantity settings are only available when the Supplies module is active. Please contact us to activate this add-on for your account or lab.

Under the Settings and Sections tab in the Sample Types editor, you can change the Name, Description, Color, and Auto-numbering for samples of this sample type within the system. Note: selecting the Custom option from the Color dropdown allows the user to choose the color of their Sample Type's background and text. You can also further customize sample types by adding Sample Type Sections.


eLabInventory allows users set up auto-incrementing fields when creating new samples of a particular sample type. Within the sample type editor's Settings & Sections tab, click the "Enable Auto-Generated Numbering" checkbox to activate this setting for your sample type.

The following settings can be configured when auto-numbering your samples:

  • Field: determines whether the auto-numbering setting will be applied to the sample's Name, one Sample Specification Field of the user's choice, or No Field (Apply to barcode only)
  • Apply to barcode: click "Set auto-generated number as external ID (barcode)" checkbox to apply the generated value as an external ID (Note: this will be set to both the external ID and the sample's name/specification field if those options were selected from the Field dropdown)
  • Prefix: text that will be inserted before the auto-incremented number
  • Next Number: lists the number that will be applied to the next newly-created sample of this Sample Type (Note: this value will automatically increment by a value of 1 each time a new sample is created when the auto-numbering setting is active)
  • Minimum digits: sets the minimum number of digits in leading zeroes that will be listed for the number (ex. if Minimum Digits is set to 5 and Next Number is set to 8, then the next value generated will be "00008")
  • Suffix: text that will be inserted before the auto-incremented number
  • Example: this field will automatically populate with an example value based on the settings above

Once the desired settings have been selected, click the Save button to apply the changes to all newly-created samples of the sample type. Note: this will not retroactively apply to any existing samples. If the user has set the Next Number field to lower than its current value, they will be asked to reconfirm the settings before saving them. Because external IDs associated with samples must be unique within the group, the system will check the settings against all existing samples and abort the save if the it identifies a potential duplicate within the inventory.