If you want to develop your own add-on for the Marketplace, you should be enrolled as a developer. If your organisation uses eLabJournal in a Private Cloud or On-Premises installation, you can contact your key-user to assign you the role as developer in the system. We strongly recommend and offer use of our SDK development environment  if you have a Private Cloud or On-Premises installation to mitigate any risks when developing/testing add-ons in a production system. 

If you are using eLabJournal in the Cloud, you can contact us to enrol you a developer in our SDK development environment. Please contact our customer support to register and provide you access. Once you are enrolled as a developer you can get started with development and set-up you SDK development Environment. Once the development of the add-on is completed you can send the add-on to the key-user for installation in the Marketplace. 

Developing public add-ons

If you have or want to develop an add-on that would be of interest for public use, you offer the option submit your add-on to our public Marketplace. Please contact us to enrol you in the add-on developer programme. In the future we will support the selling add-ons through the Marketplace.