For organisations that would like to use federated login to authenticate users, eLabJournal supports authentication via AD/LDAP(S) or SAML. Once this has been activated for your organisation, users can log in by entering the organisation login credentials. For new users in the system an eLabJournal account is created based on the AD profile of the user after login. In case a user previously set up an account without AD or if the organisation administrator assigned accounts in the system, the existing account in eLabJournal is linked based on the email address in the authentication system. In case a user already has a system account in eLabJournal with a different email address, make sure to first update the email address of that user account in eLabJournal to match the email address as set in the organisation AD/LDAPS or SAML accounts to properly link both accounts. For more information about AD/LDAP(S) or SAML authentication in eLabJournal, please contact us.

In case two-step verification is enabled for an account continue by entering the two-step verification code generated by your mobile device or any of the supported alternative 2FA-token generators you connected with your eLabJournal account

Open the eLabJournal Mobile App and go to two-step verification to get the code

Enter the 6-digit code from your mobile device and click Authenticate