To use eLABJournal, eLABInventory or eLABProtocols, you must first sign up to register your account. Note that if your organisation has linked the organisation single-sign-on to eLabJournal, your account will automatically be created at the first login. Accounts are shared overall applications, so if you up signed earlier for eLabProtocols or eLabInventory, you can easily hook up your existing protocols or inventory in the eLabJournal electronic lab notebook.

Once you registered and activated your account, you can log in here with your credentials. Based on your IP address, you are redirected to either the US or EU cloud. Enter the email address used to sign up and enter your password to log in. In case login fails, you may have been routed to the server in the incorrect reason. Read here why and how to solve this

eLabJournal also supports various federated login options such as Active Directory (AD), Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) or any other authentication system that is compatible with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).  Note that these authentication options are only supported in our Private Cloud or On-Premises installations. For academic organisation, eLabJournal also supports authentication via SURFconext. If your organisation is a registered organisation at SURFconext, we can add your organisation to our list of registered institutes to login in eLabJournal.

If your company or institute login has been linked to our system (SSO/LDAP/AD), please use the organisation login option. Note that if your organisation has a dedicated installation of the eLabJournal Private Cloud or eLabJournal On-Premise, the links for the account registration and login is different. Please contact us or the administrator of your organisation.