You can set up your account here.  Start by entering your organisation email address and click Proceed. Note that if your organisation uses AD/AD FS/LDAP or SURFconext to login to the application, accounts are automatically created during the first login.

In the next step, enter the following information that is required to set-up your account:

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Agree to the Terms of Use, an click Register Now. You will receive an email to confirm and activate your account. Note that it occasionally happens that our system emails end up in your spam folder or are blocked due to strict organisation mail server settings. Please contact us for help to activate your account.

If your email address cannot be linked to an organisation in our database, a trial request is sent to us. After approval of your organisation, you will be notified to complete the set up of your account. If you have any problems when setting up your account, please contact us

Note that if there is an organisation-specific login (AD/LDAP/Single-Sign-On) active for your organisation, you do not need to register your account. Your account will automatically be created and activated during the account login.