To add a text field that needs to contain large text descriptions, choose Long Text Field.

After saving the field, a large free text field is created that allows you to store any sample information.

For long text fields, the following field options are supported

  • Required field – check this option to make data entry required prior to storing a sample
  • Note field – information for end-user displayed in tool tip balloon
  • Default value – default value in the field when adding a new sample

Long text fields also support links. If entering text in this field includes a web address such as or an active link will automatically be created. 

Input Validation

Use Validate input to validate data input prior storing a sample. 

Choose one of the following validation criteria:

    • Text Contains - one or more characters that need to be included in the entered value or data
    • Text Starts With - one or more characters the value must begin with
    • Text Ends With - one or more characters the value must end with
    • Regular Expression - custom regular expression validations. Find some examples here