With the eLabSDK, you can tailor eLabJournal to your meet your organization's unique needs. The eLabSDK allows you to customize, integrate, or extend almost any functionality within eLabJournal, by creating ‘custom plug-ins’ called add-ons that become available in the Marketplace. The addition of new features, or the creation of new buttons in which actions are combined, are just a few examples of what you can achieve with the SDK. By using JavaScript and the API, you can create add-ons that can easily be integrated into the ELN to tailor the application according to your workflow.

Before you can start developing eLabJournal add-ons, you first need to be listed as a developer in our developer program. Please contact our customer support team to register and provide you with access to our SDK development environment.

Once you are enrolled in the developer program, you will receive a developer account in the SDK development environment that can be used for SDK add-on development and testing. The developer account will be provided to you as a clean system installation through which you can configure your own set-up without interfering with your production environment or data.

You can access the SDK documentation of eLabJournal Cloud at https://www.elabjournal.com/docs/eLABSDK/. 

In case your organization has a dedicated system installation (Private Cloud or On-Premises) with an acceptance server, it is also possible to use your acceptance server for SDK add-on development. For more information, please contact us.