For seamless integration of viewing or editing files linked in the ELN, you can install the eLABJournal add-on eLABWebEdit. eLABWebEdit is a desktop application that is installed on your computer. Start by downloading eLABWebEdit here and install eLABWebEdit on your computer. Go to Apps and Connections

In the Apps and Connection you can activate eLABWebEdit by switching it to On.

After activating eLABWebEdit, the option to edit the file will appear in the file section of the ELN. Almost all types of files are compatible with eLABWebEdit.

If your file type is not supported, please send your request to our support desk.

When editing a file using eLABWebEdit for the first time, your browser will ask for a confirmation about opening the file using eLABWebEdit. Accept and confirm to launch the application and check the option to remember the confirmation. Please note that depending on the security settings, your IT department may first need to allow eLABWebEdit to be accessed from the browser.

eLABWebEdit will be started, the file will be download and opened with the file associated program.

You can work on the file like when you are working on any regular file stored on your desktop PC. Once you are finished modifying the file you can save the file. A new version of your file will automatically be uploaded in the ELN section from where the file was opened. In compliance with GLP, the previous file version will be kept in the archive so you are able to trace the entire file audit trail.

Note that when using this feature, the file will have a very long and specific file name once it is downloaded for editing on your desktop. You should only use the 'Save' functionality of the program and never use 'Save as' to change the location and/or name of the file. Failure doing so, will cause eLABWebEdit to lose track of your file and will no longer be able to update and upload the file to your experiment.

Office auto save function

Note that when your program supports an auto save function such as Microsoft Office, please note that every auto-save stores a new version. When the auto save option is set to 5 minutes minutes, every 5 minutes there will be complete a new version uploaded and linked into the ELN. We recommend to consider changing the auto-save time especially when working with large data files. Read about this setting for the following programs:

LibreOffice Auto save function

Microsoft Office Auto save function