eLabJournal supports so-called Apps & Connections with of eLabJournal

Important Notice: Apps & Connections will be migrated to add-ons. In case any of the here described "Apps or Connections" is no longer available here, it has been migrated to an add-on that is available in the Marketplace

To manage eLabJournal Apps and Connections,  

eLabJournal currently supports the following Apps & Connections

  • Mobile App – an App for your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android)
  • eLABSync – a program to be installed on your local PC to automatically upload files to eLABJournal from a designated folder on your PC
  • eLABWebEdit – a program to be installed on your local PC that enables you to edit and any files linked in the ELN on your PC and save as a new file version in the ELN

For eLabJournal Private Cloud and eLabJournal On-Premise installations, some of the add-ons require installation of additional modules and/or customization for the organisation-dedicated installation and may therefore not be available to you. Please contact your organisation key-user for more information.