In addition to the add-ons available through the Marketplace, eLabJournal supports several Apps & Connections that connect the web-based platform to applications on your desktop or mobile device.

Navigate to Apps and Connections under the Account dropdown in the toolbar to manage these settings. 

eLabJournal currently supports the following Apps & Connections

  • Mobile App – an App for your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android)
  • eLabSync – a program to be installed on your local PC that automatically uploads files from a designated folder to eLabJournal
  • eLabWebEdit – a program to be installed on your local PC that enables you to edit any file linked in the ELN on your PC and save the new file version to the ELN

For eLabJournal Private Cloud and On-Premise installations, some of the applications may require additional configuration/customization for your organization's dedicated installation and may therefore not be available to you. Please contact your organization key user for more information.