eLabHybrid offers a solution to organisation that has a requirement for associating large amounts of raw data in the eLabJournal Cloud or eLabJournal Private Cloud. Once eLABHybrid is installed on a local server of the customer, all files uploaded in a file section in the ELN will automatically be stored on the designated local server while eLabJournal remains hosted in the cloud. Once the file is uploaded in the ELN, eLABHybrid and eLabJournal work seamlessly together to guarantee file authenticity without any transfer of data over the internet. eLABHybrid is a 21 CFR part 11 and GxP compliant solution. The entire audit trail of file modifications is logged automatically. eLABHybrid is available for both the eLabJournal Cloud and eLabJournal Private Cloud installation. Settings for eLABHybrid can be found in the System Admin Panel

For more information please refer to www.elabjournal.com/elabhybrid or contact us