The Excel section has been migrated to the Office Online Server add-on. To add or edit Excel files, you can install this add-on from the Marketplace. For existing customers the functionality of the Excel section remains active and will only be removed once the Office Online Server add-on has been activated. New customers can only add an Excel section after installation the Office Online Server.

Legacy Support Excel Section

eLabJournal, offers a seamless integration with Office Online Server. This enables you can work on Excel files directly within the browser without the need for the installation of Excel on your local computer. 

To add an excel file directly in eLabJournal, add a new section and choose an Excel sheet option. Note that the use of Excel is an add-on that requires an additional Microsoft Office 365 license. Please contact us for more information.  

In case your organisation does not have an Office365 license, you can also work directly in Excel (and other Microsoft Office files) without an additional license, with the add-on eLABWebEdit

After adding the Excel section, you can choose to open a new Excel file or upload and open an existing Excel file

Once you opened the Excel file, you have access to all basic Excel functions, including plotting graphs. You can enlarge the Excel section to open it full screen. After saving, an image of the excel file will automatically be made and shown in the ELN. Please note that the feature to make a preview may not be supported in all web-browsers. Currently, this is supported in Firefox and Chrome.

Like for all files in eLabJournal, all versions of the Excel files are automatically kept in the file history, so you will have a full audit trail of all modifications.