To link data files in the ELN, you can add a File Section. Click on add section and choose File as the section type.

After adding the file section, you can upload raw data files. Note that if your lab is using eLABJournal Cloud, the file size is limited to 350Mb per file in the ELN. In case you need to link large files, contact us to link file storage to your local server from your eLABJournal Cloud set up. Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade to the eLABJournal Private Cloud or eLABJournal On-Premise solutions.

After uploading a file, the file will be associated with your experiment and listed in the file section. After uploading the file, the following actions are supported:

  • Delete File -  unlink the file from the section, thereby removing it from the section
  • File History - see the file version history including the option to download earlier file version and the file certificate of authenticity
  • Download file - download the file to your computer
  • Edit file - option to edit the file thereby opening the file in the associated program on your desktop computer (requires the installation of eLABWedEdit add-on)
  • View File - option and view the file within eLabJournal (only available for PDF and image files)

You can choose to work on your data file by downloading and saving the file to your computer by using the download option. After opening the file and saving the file changes, you can upload the file manually in the section. The new file will be linked in the ELN as a new file version, thereby replacing the old file while maintaining the old file in the file version history. Alternatively, you can install the add-on eLABWebEdit on your computer allowing you to edit and open files on your local computer and automatically sync back any file changes to the ELN.

To preview a pdf file in eLabJournal click on the view icon to view the pdf.