To add a sample type navigate to ConfigurationSample Types. Here you can find a list of all sample types defined for your lab.

Click on Add Sample Type to add a new sample type template to the lab.

When adding a sample type, you can choose to add a sample type of one of the system templates or entirely customize the sample. For company or institute installation, these system templates can be customized to make the same templates available for all groups.

You can also choose to add a new template by choosing the Add Sample Type option. Choose a name and colour to mark the samples/tubes in the boxes.

Each sample type has 4 fields available: Sample name, Description, Location, and Notes. You can customize the sample type by adding sample specification fields. Click on Add New Field to add a new field. You can add different types of fields that include fields for text and numbers, date fields, options fields and fields for linking samples or file attachments.